Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Carolina Peaches

Carolina Peaches
6x6 oil painting on archival panel

Sold - private collection

Three Carolina Peaches hand painted in oil. A vineyard not all that far from where I live wants me to hang a few of my works for sale in their tasting room. I think this one would be a good candidate. I'll post the name and location of the vineyard once I've got some paintings there. These small still life paintings look even better in real life. The computer image takes something away from them.


Todd Bonita said...

Hi John,
Thanks for the commetns on my blog, it was cool to click over and see your beautiful work. You are very talented. I hope you can resolve your CTS so that you can do it more..your work is wonderful. I enjoyed your self portrait 20 year span as well.

All my best to you,

Tatiana said...

Lovely...makes me wish of summer!

Nina Ulana said...

I love this.

Helen said...

Beautiful... my mouth literally watered for the taste of fresh peaches.