Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beehive Blender No. 1

Beehive Blender No. 1
6x6 oil painting on archival panel

This is the last painting for a short while. I have a wedding to attend and some car repairs to do. Then I’ll be back at my easel. I picked up this old beehive shaped blender that looks really cool and I had to make a painting of it. All the reflections were a bunch of fun to paint. Well, for me it was fun. I do think I’ll be making series of paintings featuring this blender. Maybe even a large painting or two.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


9” x 12” oil paint on canvas board.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Liberation of St. Peter

This is a reproduction (not for sale) at 28” x 34” in oil that I work on occasionally. The title of the original is “The Liberation of St. Peter" by Sebastiano Ricci painted in 1722. I have a book called “The Glory of Venice” that contains a picture of this painting. I loved the composition so much I decided I had to make a reproduction for myself. We also moved shortly after I started this one and so it always seems to be on the back burner. I hope to complete it someday, but it always takes a back seat since it's not for sale. It has inspired me to consider doing my own series of angel paintings. I’m still in the gathering of ideas stage for that so it will be a while before I start. I have started work on a new series of small photo realist paintings and I’ll be posting them on here when they are complete and dry.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Self-portrait 20 year span

self-portrait 1988 (left) NFS, self-portrait 2008 (right) NFS
charcoal on paper

I’ve been working on my web site and there is still a lot to do. I decided to do a self-portrait in charcoal and make a business card. I wanted to have a way to promote my work when I meet someone face to face and they ask what I do. I found an old self-portrait drawn in charcoal I did in 1988 which is the drawing on the left. The new 2008 self-portrait is on the right. Things sure have changed in twenty years.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hay Bales No. 1

Hay Bales No. 1

6x6 oil painting on archival panel

Sold - private collection

I grew up in a suburb that was surrounded by farmland. Both of my parents grew up on farms. Although I didn’t, farmland always holds a special place for me. I do remember baling hay on a friend’s farm and delivering those hay loads to a horse farm. In those days the bales were rectangular, some still are, but most seem to be round. I think the round ones are more visually interesting. Even though living on a farm wasn’t a part of my daily life, the times I did work on a farm left me with good memories. This painting of hay bales brings back those good memories.