Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hay Bales No. 1

Hay Bales No. 1

6x6 oil painting on archival panel

Sold - private collection

I grew up in a suburb that was surrounded by farmland. Both of my parents grew up on farms. Although I didn’t, farmland always holds a special place for me. I do remember baling hay on a friend’s farm and delivering those hay loads to a horse farm. In those days the bales were rectangular, some still are, but most seem to be round. I think the round ones are more visually interesting. Even though living on a farm wasn’t a part of my daily life, the times I did work on a farm left me with good memories. This painting of hay bales brings back those good memories.

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Anonymous said...

Brings to me special moments visual,warmth and fragrance of the very busy season.